I moved to fort st. john and ruined my life.

My friends back home are slowly forgetting about me and have been contacting me less and less as their lives move on (the inevitable) my boyfriends in camp and I have all the comforts of being single without being able to act on it. My only friends are my coworkers (two people). One who I can barely stand as she belittles me everyday.

Everything in the town shuts down at 5pm so theres really nothing to do after work and summer lasted 3 weeks (maybe) they’ve even shut down all the semi-alright running trails due to the weather. I’m not making enough money to save or live off of as my career of choice isn’t sought after here like it is in major cities. The only way to get ahead here is to be in some sort of trade. Which also means the town is dominated by testosterone and strip clubs.

In summary: not a fan.


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